Tirgo Mures


Domain: Tirgo Mures
Prince: None (formerly Ionache)

The sleepy little riverside town was the pride of the Voivode Ionache, a paragon of the Road of Kings who championed the feudal system amongst the Tzimisce. It is said that it was he who united the warring families together under a single name, that of the Emperor of Constantinople, John Tzimiskes, himself a champion of a feudal system called Nakharar, by which even now the Tzimisce clan lives.

But… then he disappeared. He made it clear that no other Cainites were welcome in his domain. They have kept true to his requests, but an absent Prince, even the greatest Voivode of all, cannot enforce his will forever from afar. Or from the grave even.

Tirgo Mures is ruled by a Council of the Wise, now numbering eight. It is a staging post for travelers and farmers who bring in their grain from out of town; the old mill is the largest industry in the town.

Tirgo Mures

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