Marco Cassio

Mercantile Prefect


Non-descript. Cassio would have it no other way. With short hair beginning to grey and short stature, Cassio could easily be overlooked in most social settings, a trait he uses to his benefit. But his eyes take in everything, and one can almost see the gears turning behind them.


Child of the Roman Titus Manlius Felix, Cassio was embraced into Rome in the waning days of her Senex rulers, and forced to flee to the distant Byzantium under the dissident Triumvirate. Unwilling to subscribe to the spirituality of Gesu or Michael, Cassio was accepted into the Antonian Ventrue, but not being Ventrue himself was forced to take a non-political position. He carved out a sizable domain in the Mercantile sector, a domain overlooked by the Antonians, and putting him only in conflict occasionally with the Nosferatu and the Children of Judas, all of who circle each other warily.

While Cassio gets along quite well with Malachite and his Nosferatu (and in fact knows more about their dealings than they would prefer), he has a wary relationship with the Children of Judas. He is on amicable enough terms with the Antonian Ventrue, but looks down on many of them for their petty political squabbles. His one friend might be the Cappadocian Alexia Theusa, because in her ancient wisdom she has no concerns for his own interests, and the two have a fondness for the same literature.

Marco Cassio

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