Noblesse Oblige

Moving In
the second adventure

In which the coterie settles into Tirgo Mures and is given a new companion by a very powerful new ally. Church schisms are examined, a governor is interrogated, and a tailor’s son tells a ghostly tale.

Dominka’s Story II

Mykal’s Story II

Peter’s Story II

Søren’s Story II

Vigo’s Story II

An Offer to Investigate
the first adventure

…In which the newly-founded coterie is presented an incentive to investigate the disappearance of the voivode Ionache of Tirgo Mures by the lady Julia Sexta Orestia, koldun and prince of Oradea.

Dominka’s Story I

Mykal’s Story I

Peter’s Story I

Søren’s Story I

Vigo’s Story I

Noblesse Oblige
The Campaign History

1172 – Prologue

1180 – Introduction


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