Nerve Poison

Blade Poison


This poison can be coated on a blade for some effect. Note that the poison will lose it’s potency after two weeks and only counts as a second hit. Two weeks after this the poison is useless and must be reapplied.

The first time that the weapon successfully strikes, the poison does full damage. The second time that it strikes, the poison does half damage (unless the target is the same as the first hit, in which case the poison has no added effect but is considered to be a successful second hit.)

The target must make a Stamina (+Fortitude) roll when hit. The poison will do a maximum of 5 levels of damage. Each success subtracts one from this total.

Against mortals, the target takes lethal wounds (however, these can be soaked as per the above affects) ; these heal normally.
Against revenants, the target takes lethal damage; these can be healed, however, by blood expenditure as per normal.
Against vampires, the target takes bashing damage.
Other supernatural creatures will be judged on a case by case basis as needed.


Nerve Poison

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