Throw and duck


Grenades are carefully crafted (a failure creates a dud, and rolling more 1’s than successes causes the grenade to go off during manufacturing). The difficulty to hit with a grenade is only a 5, with secondary targets hit as well.

Roll to hit (Dex + Missile or Athletics depending on the situation) and choose a target person or area. The target (point blank) is difficulty 5, while those nearest are difficulty six, those at a medium distance away at a difficulty seven, and those at a “long” distance at difficulty eight, and those furthest away at a difficulty of nine,

Grenades can be thrown accurately approximately 30 feet plus 10 feet per dot of strength. Each increment represents five feet of range. Thus someone with a strength of two can throw a grenade 50 feet. Those at point blank range from this spot suffer damage at a difficulty of 5, those five feet from that point at difficulty of six, etc.

Those who are aware of a grenade being thrown may dodge out of the way; each success on the dodge roll takes the character one increment (5 feet) away from the point of impact.

Smoke: The area is blanketed in smoke, decreasing successes on perception rolls by 5 at point blank range, with one less per increment out.

Acid: Acid splashes out, doing 3 points of aggravated damage at point blank range, and one point less per increment out (to a maximum of ten feet out only). Can only be soaked with Fortitude.

Fragmentation: The grenade does 5 dice of lethal damage (difficulty 5), minus one die per level out. This can be soaked by Fortitude + Armor.



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