Piotr Krezhensky

Scholar of the Zadruga


Noble in appearance, Krezhenksy would be considered quite attractive if such concerns mattered to him, but they do not. He cares only about his studies, and his fanaticism is clear from the start. Despite claiming to have no knowledge of Vicissitude, it has been noted that his hair subtly shifts in color from time to time. Whether this is the discipline manifesting or some result of his burgeoning Koldunic skills is unknown.


Piotr Krezhensky is an unusual prodigy. Childe of the dreaded butcher of Kiev, the pagan Darvag Grozny, his sire mistook Krezhensky’s anti-Christian leanings for pro-pagan sentiments. The truth is that Krezhensky craes little for religion of any kind, feeling that all get in the way of the true study of what a vampire really is.

Krezhensky is unique not just in that he does not follow the ways of his sire in philosophy, but also in blood. Krezhensky is curiously of the Dracul bloodline, which normally follows from sire to childe. When others point out that this is impossible, that his sire is a Shaper, Krezhensky simply smiles and shakes his head. More than this, he may be the only Metamorphosist who does not seem to possess Vicissitude; he makes up for this loss with surgical and other biological means of experimentation. He has learned the rudiments of Koldun and is on a quest to study the various Zadruga families of the Tzimisce. Surprising for his clan, he loves to travel and desperately desires to find the revenant families beyond the known thirteen Zadruga.

In truth, Krezhensky is far ahead of the science that will one day be called genetics, as well as a student of pathology. He is a consummate scientist, a secularist in a day of religious fervor. His studies of Vicissitude and the breeding programs of the Revenants, as well as his understanding of viruses and diseases might just make him the most knowledgeable Dragon in the world on the Tzimisce condition. But so far, if he has learned anything of the vampiric condition, he has kept that to himself.

Piotr Krezhensky

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