Nikolai Rustovitch

Reluctant Captain


Dark and charming, Nikolai yet has a haunted look about his eyes, as one who has seen too much. In this he can sometimes be caught brooding, his attractive features marred by his often melancholic nature. Nevertheless amongst those whom know little of the Omen War or his past he can soon lose himself in the revels of simple humanity.


Born into the Rustovitch, an offshoot family of the Bratovitch bred to be generals and heroes of the Omen War by the Tzimisce Voivoide Vladimir Rustovitch, Nikolai is a nobleman and a scholar. While a brilliant tactician loyal to his family, he is also loyal to the ideals of the family. The propaganda that the Tzimisce Fiends feed their troops about loyalty and nobility, divine right to the land and honorable service…. Nikolai truly believes every word of it, and he hates the war. After multiple campaign, he found that, though he hated the Usurpers for what they had done, he could no longer countenance the wholesale slaughter of their peasants and their troops. How much blood had been spilt over this particular stretch of mud while their undead lords drank blood and played chess in darkened castles? Who were the innocents, and who were the guilty?

When the Voivode Rustovitch needed a favor from the Lady Julia Orestia, she demanded in payment one of his servants, a loyal knight to serve her interests in daylight. Nikolai jumped at the chance, requesting permission to leave the war and enter into service to the Koldun. The Voivode, knowing he was obliged to fulfill this debt to Orestia, acquiesced, feeling that losing a warrior who had tired of the war was better than losing one who still had fight in him.

Nikolai is grateful to serve the Lady, but finds her inscrutable ways confounding. He gets along much better with her childe, John Peter Narov. But even in service to these two ancient Dracul, he wonders how much more he can take.

Nikolai Rustovitch follows the Road of Chivalry.

Nikolai Rustovitch

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