Marcus Ruthvenski

Sorceror Priest


Dark haired, pale-skinned, and slight of frame with a prominent hooked nose, Marcus comes across as lithe and almost sickly rather than powerful. Years of fighting in the Omen War and the loss of most of his family to the war has left him embittered and haunted, and he is a shadow of the man he once was.


Marcus Ruthvenski is something of an anomaly, the last of the Ruthvenski to be born, decades after all had assumed that the family line had dried up. Much hope was pinned on him, but it was the dying hopes of a lost family. He was sent to Constantinople to study with the Obertus, and he showed much greater skill in Koldunic sorcery than he did in martial prowess. With the death of his father Palioro, leadership of the Ruthvenski family passed to his second cousin Valerian Ruthven until his embrace, when it passed down to Marcus. Years of fighting under Vladimir Rustovitch and the death of his mother, the priestess Serina, at the hands of the Gargoyles of the Usurpers has left him broken and hurting. Seeing his family as a dying branch, he recently married Katarina Khavinski and came to join the Khavi family, retiring to serve as volkhv to the white god Byelobog and leaving command of the Ruthvenski family in the hands of Søren Ruthvenski, the favored servitor of Damek Ruthven.

Marcus Ruthvenski

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