Lambach Ruthven

Sorceror of Terror


Lambach looks much as he did before his embrace, for he is very reluctant to use Vicissitude. He is the quintessential Transylvanian nobleman, an impressive feat for an ancient Dacian in a clan of those who have trouble changing their identities to match the times. Lambach always dresses finely and impressively. Amongst mortals and those whom he knows, he is arrogant and confident, but when the unknown arises and the situation turns, or when surrounded by those who are more powerful than he, Lambach struggles to maintain his composure, and his fear rises to the surface, screaming behind his eyes. Usually fearsome, he sometimes comes across as fearful of what he has seen.


Lambach dreaded the embrace.

He knew it was coming. He was of the noblest family of the Ruthvenski, and had shown unheard-of aptitude for Koldunic Sorcery, rivaling only Lord Ruthven himself before his embrace. Lambach knew the secrets of the Zadruga, and he didn’t want any part of them, but he also knew that he couldn’t avoid them.

It has been said that Lord Ruthven, and even the Eldest himself intended to embrace Lambach, but refrained for fear that his mind could not handle the awesome power that would have come with such a powerful embrace. Instead he was embraced by Tabak, the “unfavored” childe of Damek. Lambach hoped that this would be enough to keep him from the attention of the Eldest and the other Methuselahs of the clan. It was not.

Lambach could not escape the gravity of his own power, and it terrified him. The embrace made him one of the most powerful sorcerers of the Koldun, an exception even to his generation, intuitively able to craft new rituals almost as quickly as the need arose. Lambach is terrified by his prodigious talents, knowing that they have brought him to the attention of the luminaries of the clan, including the Eldest himself.

Lambach has struggled as best he can, wavering between amassing power and fading into obscurity. He prefers to remain in the shadows beneath Damek Ruthven in Sarmizegetusa, but has become well-known in the clan for his own aptitudes. Frantic and frenetic, Lambach is seen as desperate and desperately powerful by many of the clan.

Lambach Ruthven

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