Julian Alexei Basarab

Errant Crusader


Young and handsome, Julian was embraced in the prime of his life and looks almost idealized as the charming heir of the Basarab that he is. Clear of countenance and with a winning smile, he almost appears too good to be true.


A child of the Basarab and childe of the Vlazhy, Julian is either an old soul in a modern day or a modern soul in an old-fashioned clan. No one is quite sure which.

For centuries the Basarab have encouraged faith and principals in their subjects, seeing them as ways to keep order, to manipulate their peasants into a contented obedience, knowing their place in the hierarchy of things. Kings rule, knights protect, and grateful peasants faithfully serve. This is the order of things. That undead monsters prey on the Kine in the night and do not hold to these convictions matters not to the Basarab; this is how the people are kept in line.

Seen as a devoted adherent of the doctrine of clan and country, Julian seemed the perfect candidate for embrace, and the Vlazhy were happy to induct him into their ranks. Then the clan found out the truth.

Julian actually believed the rhetoric. He truly followed Christ and King.

The clan was perplexed (although the Vlazhy were secretly impressed) when Julian set off on the second crusade to free Jerusalem, refusing all oaths of fealty from retainers he was assigned to “until he had earned their faith in him.” That was 30 years ago. While the Tzimisce have heard reports that he is still active n the Levant, they do not know where is he exactly or why he has remained away. At this point, they’re not sure that they want him back until he outgrows this youthful and childish chivalry he has adopted.

Julian Alexei Basarab

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