Julia Sexta Orestia

Taraboste of Oradea


Unusually pale of hair, face, and even eyes, Julia stands out amongst most populations, and she makes no pretense at hiding her inhumanity. She has what to many might at first appear a vacant glance, but in reality is usually focused on many planes of existence at once. She would be quite beautiful were she not so alien, even as she has no modifications from Vicissitude.


Daughter of a Thracian tribal princess and a Roman general, Julia grew up with one foot in her father’s Roman world and one in her mother’s pagan mystery religion. A skilled sorceress when she was young, she came to the attention of Diodorus Narova, an ancient Dracul of the north whose war with the Roman Patricians led him to embrace her in what he thought would be an ally in his campaign. At first pleased at her immediate grasp of the ancient ways of Koldun, he was disappointed in her lack of concern for his own agenda, and she proved too recalcitrant to his wishes.

Lady Julia, as she is often called, still has one foot in Rome and one in Thrace, even after both have long since fallen. She is neither sympathetic to the agenda of the Fiends to the east nor to the Cainites of the west, but plays a much longer and deeper game. Claiming the title of Taraboste of Oradea, she is a staunch ally of Symeon of Constantinople. She is served by her childe Ionnae Piotr Narov and her loyal retainer Nikolai Rustovitch.

It is believed that Lady Julia is a walker on the road of kings, but her ethics do not always seem to align with any known path of that road.

Julia Sexta Orestia

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