Ionnae Piotr Narov

Knight of Oradea


Dark and imposing, John Peter looks as if he has never smiled in his life, and perhaps since his embrace he has not. His fierce unblinking gaze takes in everything and reveals nothing. Often silent and brooding, he is a staunch ally. He often remains motionless unless needed, but should his martial skill come into play, he is found to be a relentless warrior.


From the ancient royal house of Narov, a Russian family in his day, Ionnae Piotr Narov, or “John Peter” as he is called in Christian lands, was a ghoul centuries ago to the Methuseleh Cyscek, as many of his family were, before the plots of that ancient took him away from Russia and into the unknown. At that time he was ordered to stay behind to assist his master’s latest childe Jedrik. Ionnae Piotr failed, however, and Christian missionaries destroyed his master Jedrik and drove Jedrik’s childe and wife Razkoljna into torpor.

Bereft of a master, the Narov family were in danger of losing the gift that their masters had bestowed upon them. Ionnae Piotr journeyed south into Transylvanian lands, knowing that many Dracul called that land home. There he met Lady Julia Sexta Orestia, already at odds with the Ruthvenksi and Basarab who surrounded her lands. Narov offered her his service if she would but take him as her childe. She agreed, and once embraced Narov returned to Krakow, where his family had migrated to after the exodus Cyscek had taken them on. He worked to breed his family with the local nobility, most notably the Piast and Slatikov families, so that, when Razkoljna awakened, she would have a strong family ready to serve her.

Ionnae Piotr Narov is a man adrift. He would serve Cyscek again, but his master has been gone so long, and he knows not whether he even lives, much less his agenda. He serves his sire the Lady Julia Orestia, but her motives are as inscrutable as any, and he does not see her as loyal to any but herself. He would serve his own family, but he knows that Krakow is not large enough for him and Razkoljna, that she would see him as a threat. And so he stays away, although the Narov are his very family. Instead he serves his road faithfully, hoping that at some point in his service of duty he will find his place in these Dark Ages.

Ionnae Piotr Narov

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