Hedeon Yaroslavich

Prince of Lutsk


Hideon is regal and princely in appearance, but no finery can conceal the utter cruelty that has consumed him, or the Beast that hides forever just beneath the surface. His disdain and hatred for the rest of the world, even his own kind, is apparent to all. Were it not for his usefulness to the Voivodate and his success at all his endeavors, eh would surely be destroyed for his hubris, no small feat amongst the Tzimisce.


Yaroslavich is not unusual being a Tzimisce whose inhumanity has seen him spiral out of control into the beast. What makes him unique is that he is still completely functional, even though he no longer has any morality and follows no road at all. He should be a slavering monster at the whim of his Beast, forever trapped in wassail. Instead he is a calm and calculating monster, surprisingly successful in his manipulation of events in his area and of those who deal with him.

A number of theories abound as to how this Fiend has been able to stave off the madness of the Beast: a hitherto unknown Koldunic Ritual (unlikely, considering Hideon is not known for being an exceptional Koldun), a combination of disciplines in tanem (a possibility, considering his considerable knowledge of Animalism, Auspex, Dominate, and Viscissitude), or sheer force of will (which has not been ruled out, Hideon being one of the most powerful of his considerably powerful generation already.

He has a soft spot for his child Elica Hunyadi, but otherwise is considered sociopathic, psychopathic, and devious beyond measure. All Tzimisce are advised to tread cautiously around this Fiend.

Hedeon Yaroslavich

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