Gregor Ducheski

Ambitious Inventor


Still surprisingly young in appearance, the roguish Gregor is an attractive man with piercing and cruel eyes. His gaze is as intent as his manner, always sizing up every situation for the optimum benefit he can reap. There is something inherently insincere about him, a problem that haunts him because he has been unable to find anyone to mentor him on any of the paths of morality that he would wish to follow. Ducheski’s apparent youth is a testament to the amount of vampiric vitae he has consumed; should this supply ever dwindle, Ducheski could very well find himself suddenly looking as old as his experience indicates.


Although the he Krevcheski claim no true titular head, the family favors those who have advanced the farthest in their mercenary goals of gaining power while keeping their independence. In this Gregor Ducheski has excelled, trading his varied skills and powers for draughts of vampiric blood, but never more than one, to keep from being blood bound to any one vampire. The more he learns from the vampires he deals with, the more he becomes valuable to them, as he has amassed myriad skills, and while he may be a master of little, he has indeed accumulated a rudimentary knowledge in an incredible array of disciplines.

Gregor Ducheski

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