Father Zachary

Priest of Tirgo Mures


Mid 30’s, fair complexion and honest eyes. He is quiet and charming. In a big city he would not have succeeded as a priest, but in the quiet burgh of Tirgo Mures his honest charm and caring nature (and his ability to read and write) makes him the most qualified.


Father Zachary comes from the nearby city of Brasov originally. He became a priest because he honestly believes the bible and cares for people. He doesn’t like the debates between the Orthodox and Catholic church, although if push came to shove he sides with the Patriarch of Constantinople. Mostly what he wants to do is give his parish hope. He loves his little town and loves his people, and just wants to help them. He lives on a meager income, but feels that doing so benefits his flock, and he rarely preaches on tithing, for he knows that his people do not have much.

Father Zachary

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