Elica Hunyadi

Aspiring Student


Beautiful, young, noble, and dark, Elica’s power simmers behind her deep eyes. Often mistaken for her youthful appearance, a fact that she uses to her advantage, Elica knows how to manipulate those around her to get her way, and if she is not as cruel or inhuman as her sire, she certainly shares his ruthless drive and Machiavellian tastes.


The Dracul Elica Hunyadi was courted and embraced by the fiendish Hedeon Yaroslavich, offered his incredible power in exchange for her partnering with him. Elica did not even balk at the downside, a sire whose cruelty and inhumanity made even the Tzimisce clan outraged. She counters her sire’s rampant inhumanity with her own carefully cultivated charm and beauty. But the Voivodate has quickly learned not to underestimate the young vampire. Elica brings to the table the considerable political acumen of her infamous mortal family, in which she excelled as the brightest of dark flames.

For his part, Hideon knows that he can no longer act with complete impunity in his dealings with his own clan, let alone those outside of his line. Elica serves as his link with the rest of the world, and perhaps even a link with his own soul, what little there is left of it….

Elica Hunyadi

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