Darvag Grozny

Butcher of Kiev


Twisted horrifically by his sire, the cruel Darvag retains the monstrous look of bestial anger that he earned at his embrace. A Wildman who delights in showing off the failings of humity, few vampires display the monstrosity that Darvag Grozny can inspire. None would mistake his torturous image with anything less than perpetual rage in motion.


The pagan hunter Darvag Grozny was more than dismayed to see his homeland converted to Christianity, his people abandoning the gods of old and turning to the cult of the Nailed God. Darvag’s vows to destroy this new religion and the church that inspired them came to the attention of an ancient pagan Tzimisce who was amused to gift the primitive hunter with the embrace and a face to match his anger.

Since then, Grozny has both protected and hunted in his city, ironically saving some Christians ad even their church so that he could destroy it himself one day. While the Voivodate knows of the dread Butcher, he is largely left alone, known as he is for a single-minded hatred of Christianity and civilization in general. The only thing Grozny has done to advance the clan was to give them Piotr Krezhensky, a talented Koldun and scientist far ahead of his time in his understanding of all things related to the vampiric condition.

Darvag Grozny

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