Danika Ruthven

Taraboste of Hunedoara


A stern woman, Danika has made sure that she no longer looks to be the eye-catching maid that she once was, but instead the commanding matron that she now is. She dresses conservatively and starkly. Years fighting in the Omen War have taken their toll; she is hard and stark, simplistic in her style and severe in her countenance.


Raised amongst the Ruthvenski family of the Dacian tribe, the lady Danika arose to her position, taken to be one of the many brides of the vampire warlord Damek Ruthven. Danika, however, was far more canny and insightful than most of his previous brides, and saw what fate awaited her in the eyes of her sister-brides. She had far greater ambition than to be thrown away as just another discarded past love interest. She learned well the ways of Koldunic sorcery when she could, and was brilliant at forging alliances behind Damek’s back. When Damek made his play to overthrow his sire Lord Ruthven, Danika made her bid for freedom. Damek was too busy consolidating his power and making alliances, and Danika herself had too many allies and too much power. Secretly, Damek breathed a sigh of relief. This one had been too intractable, too difficult. She would make a far greater ally than bride. When she claimed Hunedoara as her domain, he allowed her to do so, provided she swear fealty to him. She did so in name only, and that was all he wanted. They have little to do, and Damek allows the occasional rogue Zadruga to live under her auspices. He finds it better to know where rebellion is fomenting against him than to drive her away and wonder where the threats to his empire are.

Danika Ruthven has served under Ioan Brancoveanu in the Omen War for some time now as his chief sorceress. When she is not on the battlefield she can be found in Hunedoara, ruling her domain strictly but fairly. She has earned a great deal of respect amongst the Tzimisce of Transylvania for her intelligence and power.

Danika Ruthven

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