Damek Ruthven

Taraboste of Sarmizegetusa


A great and ancient bearded Dacian, Damek looks like something from over a millennia ago. Brooding and powerful, he sits on his ancient throne of bones and stares into the spirit world, looking for the answers that he seeks. He meets with few, and makes friends with none,


After the embrace of Ionache, the Eldest met the ancient ancestors of the Dacians, and their leader, the Taraboste Ruthven, a powerful shaman who had used his magics and those of his people to bind the demon Kupala into their ancestral soil. The Eldest and Ruthven talked long, and agreed upon a mutually beneficial arrangement. The Eldest would grant Ruthven and his family access to immortality, and Ruthven and his family would give the Eldest access to Kupala and their Koldunic sorcery.

Ruthven himself cared more about his spirits and his pacts with Kupala than he did the Eldest and his clanmates. He resented what he saw as the abuse of his magics that the Eldest and his other childer put to the demon Kupala, and he made his point heard. It was not long after that when his childe Damek Ruthven, who did get along well with the rest of the clan, diablerized his sire Ruthven, claiming his throne, his blood, and his power. The Eldest said nothing, leaving many to assume that the amaranth was sanctioned.

Since then Damek has been one of the most powerful and active of the Methuselahs, operating out of the ancestral ruins of Sarmizegetusa, creating complicated networks of allies and allegiances. Damek has one problem, however. The Ruthvenski family is now dying off. Whether this is the result of Ruthven’s dying curse or something other, Damek has spent centuries trying to undo the damage to no success. The damage is done, and the Ruthvenski are all but dead, their numbers greatly decimated most recently during the Omen War and Damek’s hubris.

Damek broods deep within the caverns beneath Sarmizegetusa, surrounded by his harem of childer and guardian of the ancient tomes of his sire Lord Ruthven, the greatest library that the clan has assembled. Of late he has begun discussions with the Obertuse of Constantinople, and exchanged books with their Keeper of the Faith and Symeon.

Damek Ruthven

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