Count Floerescu

Lord of the Danislav


Cruel yet dignified, Florescu is the gentleman’s Fiend. Of classic Romanian stock, he has long flowing hair, a great sweeping mustache, and sharp piercing eyes that glint with cruelty. He dresses in the finest of imported silks and lace. He grins often, and looks at everyone as if he is having a laugh at their expense. He is.


Florescu was a minor koldun left to fend for himself on the edge of civilized territory when he came into one too many conflicts with the Sept of the Night Sky, a large and vicious pack of werewolves from the Shadow Lord tribe. Defeat after defeat left him on the run, hiding in the woods, and bitter at his lot on the fringe, while greater Tzimisce than he drank blood in great castles that overlooked safer urban sprawls. Many of these great lords were served by their faithful retainers who did their dirty work for them: Szantovich, Bratovitch, and the Basarab. And as he ruminated on the strategies of these Zadruga families that survived, he hit upon his most audacious and wicked plan.

Through guile and treachery, Florescu attacked and slaughtered a pack of the Sept of the Night Sky, and then captured their mortal kin-folk, blessed in werewolf gifts as the Zadruga were in vampiric disciplines. And then he bred them as Zadruga.

Today the Danislav are his judges, noble and just as they travel from Tzimisce domain to Tzimisce domain, dispensing their laws and helping to settle disputes in the Voivodate. They are admired and respected by many, and Florescu now has everything that he wants: respect, comfort, and servitors to do his bidding. Unfortunately, what he doesn’t have is loyalty, mercy, or justice, traits that he could never breed out of the Danislav. And while the current generation does not remember life under the Shadow Lords, they still tell stories, and Florsecu, well… he just doesn’t come across as the hero. And justice may one day catch up with him.

Count Floerescu

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