Basilio the Elder

Prince of Sophia


A Romanesque dandy, Basilio looks like the foreigner that he is, patrician in bearing wearing fine western clothes. When he is seen. He is often cloaked in his own shadows, and few that deal with him actually see him well through his shadow-crafting abilities.


As many Lasombra before him, Basilio saw in the church the a powerful tool both for good and for power. Led doctrinally by the eastern church, Basilio left Italy for eastern parts and attached himself to the Magnus Lasombra of the Michaelite brood in Constantinople. Wanting his own powerbase, he jumped at the chance to extend the arm of the Magnus Orthodox when Bulgaria came under the control of Constantinople, and settled in what would become Sophia. Unfortunately, the Tzimisce Gabor the Bulgar was already there.

With typical Lasombra intrigue and ingenuity Basilio was able to rally the other factional Tzimisce against Gabor, destroying his brood and driving him from Sophia. With the coup accomplished, the other Tzimisce went home, leaving Basilio desperately clutching for allies, too far north to gain much assistance from Constantinople. The Methuselah Ionach was an ally of his at one time, but his disappearance has Basilio even more scared than before, and he has taken to seeking allies in the most dangerous of places. Most lately he has taken to his confidence a young faithful firebrand of a priest named Mykal, a rogue evangelist with intuitive command of the arts of theurgy. Basilio has been disconcerted at how quickly the young cleric has been able to mimic his shadow-crafting abilities already. Knowing that the faithful are most dangerous to his kind, he has pointed the priest towards his enemies, and treads lightly around the churchman.

Basilio the Elder

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