Adele Szantovich

Prince of Satu Mare


At times innocent and at times cruel, Adele is a young lady that can turn on a dime. Naturally attractive without being distracting, she finds she has little reason to alter her appearance. When she is angry, her face contorts into a terrifying mockery of a young girl, and all pretense at being human is forgotten,


Brilliant and cruel, the young Adele Szantovich came into her own too early. Catching the attention of a Fiend who felt that it was her youth that gave her such exquisite and creative cruelty, he wooed her and embraced her before she had a chance to mature or resist. And for this, Adele hates her sire.

Trapped in the body of a youth, embraced by a sire himself far from powerful or noteworthy, Adele feels that her aspirations have been cut short before they could ever start. Now she seeks the slow climb to attention and power within the clan. While not behind the death of Lord Sabert of Sighisoara, she reaped the benefits of his demise, claiming his resources while maintaining her own haven in Satu Mare, in which she quickly declared herself the prince.

She has an uphill climb, but Adele doesn’t care who she steps on to get to the top, nor how long it will take her to get there. Despite the occasional flare of youthful impatience, she is largely content to outlast her rivals, letting her appearance goad them into underestimating her to their detriment.

Adele Szantovich

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