Noblesse Oblige

Sin City
the twelfth adventure

In which the party journeys to Damascus and meets with Es’kut the Silent, wherein they are told of the Ba’ali rot at the heart of the city….

Dreaming of a Lost City
the eleventh adventure

In which the Templar meets a Tempter and the Sorcerer and Inventor see a library and enter into a terrifying vision of a broken future….

the tenth adventure

In which the party is ambushed by forces yet unknown and meet a mysterious merchant who knows much about their movements….

Monstrous Allies
the ninth adventure

In which the priest meets a monster, the Templar meets a madman, and the sorcerer and the inventor meets a wonder-maker…..

City of Dreams
the eighth adventure

In which the coterie, considerably larger, begins it’s journey towards the heart of Africa and finds itself guests of Gesu the Draconian and the Obertuse of Constantinople, and see the Archangel Michael for themselves….

To Rescue Theobald
the seventh adventure

In which the coterie journeys outside of Brasov to find Ionache‘s ghoul Theobald Danislav, and encounter a sinister brainwashed cult led by the D’habi and controlled by the Ba’ali….

To Rescue Frederico
the sixth adventure

In which Vigo and Søren track the missing Frederico to the place of his abduction, an underground lair for infernalists, and rescue him with spectacular use of koldunic sorcery….

Into the Burial Mound
the fifth adventure

In which the coterie investigates the ancient Dacian burial mound located just outside Tirgo Mures and discover many traps and an ancient place of healing protected by a terrible vengeance.

Dominka’s Story V

Mykal’s Story V

Peter’s Story V

Søren’s Story V

Vigo’s Story V

Hunter Hunted
the fourth adventure

In which the coterie of Zadruga track down thru the underbrush and tunnels the lair and source of the mysterious lights, only to lose him once again in the open, and then lose him more permanently when they discover his identity but not his purpose.

Dominka’s Story IV

Mykal’s Story IV

Peter’s Story IV

Søren’s Story IV

Vigo’s Story IV

In the Rushes
the third adventure

In which the coterie investigates Frederico’s claims of seeing an unearthly green light over the water, and instead find a sinister black boat deep in the weeds and chase a stranger through a tunnel into a cabin in the woods.

Dominka’s Story III

Mykal’s Story III

Peter’s Story III

Søren’s Story III

Vigo’s Story III


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