Noblesse Oblige

“the obligation of nobility”

An ancient lord of the night has gone missing. What malign forces are at play? A small force of nobles, heirs to the awesome powers of the night, have been sent to investigate. What they find may change the world. It will certainly change them….

In this World of Darkness there are ancient mysteries that rule the night. Undead scions of an ancient horror stalk the night, manipulating the fragile lives of the countless mortals that populate this precious world. Straddling the line between the two are the ghoulish retainers that have one foot in each world, breath in their chest and undead vitae in their veins.

This is the story about the Zadruga, those noble families that serve their Tzimisce masters for generation after generation.. They are lords among men and servants among the Fiends. They have great power, great age, and great responsibility.

The Nuts and Bolts
This is a game of playing Revenants in the Dark Ages, and especially the Tzimisce revenant families, called the Zadruga, although certain other individuals like Gypsies may fit into the game in the right circumstances. It may be that the PC’s will get embraced at some point, if they earn the favor of their Tzimisce lords, but that is only a possibility.

This is a game of politics and morality. It is not a game about killing things, although combat will likely occur on occasion. It is not an excuse to play a slavering inhuman monster, although those may occur in the game, and the tragic descent to the Beast is always an unfortunate potential for any with the blood of Caine in their veins. This is not a dungeon crawl, although sometimes the exploration of hidden castle and forgotten lairs may take place. And this is not a game about leveling up, although the accumulation of power to survive the nights must of necessity be of some import.

This is a game for mature players. This is a game of mature themes. By mature, I do not mean shock value sex or violence. But I do mean exploring in both a tasteful and adult way the monstrosity that surrounds the society of the Dark Ages, the vampiric condition, and most especially the horror of the Clan of Fiends.

This is a game about tragedy. Any story involving vampires should explore the frailty of human life and the devil’s bargain that all undead make between great power and greater loss. This is a story about those terrible choices. It’s not about winning. Stories are poignant when great characters meet their tragic end. Losing a character to death sometimes happens, or there is no threat, and then no point to the game. Death is rather permanent. Clerics do not resurrect people in the World of Darkness.

The system used will be mainly Dark Ages Vampire (second edition), but modified by some improvements introduced in the 20th anniversary edition of Vampire: the Masquerade (V20) and some personal changes I will be introducing myself to better express the style of story I wish to tell.

Players do not need to own any books to play this game; they need ten 10-sided dice and a pencil with a decent eraser. Players need to be mature and respectful.

Currently we have four regular players and a fifth on maternity. At this point we just barely fit around the kitchen table of our hosts, so we’re not looking for new players at this time. But sometimes people move on in life, so if you’re reading this and live in driving distance of Buckhannon WV and are interested in joining, drop me a line and I’ll keep your name on hand if we ever decide that there is an opening.

A note on artwork
I have scoured the internet for the best art to represent characters and locations that fit the theme of this game, in part with the belief that people who put art on the internet want that art to be seen and appreciated, and in using that art I am gratefully appreciative of it. If you see any art on here that you have the rights to and do not want your art on this page, please just let me know and I will take it down as quickly as I can. Thank you.

Noblesse Oblige

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